10 Popular Foods You Should Never Eat After 50

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / April 10th, 2023

7. Limit alcohol and live longer


Are you aware that your body’s ability to metabolise alcohol drops as you get older?

Many people wonder why they can’t drink the same as they did when they were younger – or suffer a worse hangover if they do. This is because the over 50s retain higher blood alcohol levels for longer, while younger people have a higher volume of body water, so they can more quickly flush alcohol from their system.

Alcohol consumption also raises the risk of serious conditions which older people are at increased risk of. Studies show that regular heavy drinking can cause some types of cancer and can cause immune system, liver and brain damage to develop. Drinking too much alcohol can also worsen mood disorders like depression.

There is some good news – as research has shown that regularly drinking small quantities of alcohol may have some health benefits once you’re 50+, reducing rates of all-cause mortality and cancer.

Safe amounts recommended for healthy, 50+ adults are to consume no more than 7 units a week for women, or 8 for men. If you regularly drink more than this and you’ve reached your 50’s, you should try to reduce your levels – as your body and health will definitely thank you for it!


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