15 High Carb Foods That Are Healthy

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / May 26th, 2022

10. Kidney beans

Kidney beans

A bean commonly used in Mexican cooking, kidney beans are part of the legume family, along with lentils and chickpeas. Like other legumes, kidney beans are also rich in plant-based protein and they’re therefore a healthy meat alternative.

Kidney beans are also rich in fibre and micronutrients such as iron, copper and folate.

Carb-wise, kidney beans are rich in starches called amylose and amylopectin. These bean starches release their energy slowly as digesting them takes a relatively long time. This means that rather than causing a sharp blood sugar spike, they cause a slow and sustained rise in blood sugar levels.

Studies suggest that bean starch may be of benefit to those with type 2 diabetes, more so than any other high carb food.


One cup of cooked kidney beans contains 21g of carbohydrate and they help to stabilise blood sugar levels, therefore reducing cravings.


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