Dinner: 10 Foods You Should Never Eat in the Evening

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / August 4th, 2022

9. Ice cream

Ice cream

Ice cream, as well as other creamy desserts and cakes are a tasty, indulgent treat, often eaten as dessert late in the evening. But since they contain high levels of fat and sugar, they can have consequences for our sleep.

High sugar, high fat dairy based foods take a long time to digest. Therefore, if we eat them in the evening before bed, when we go to bed, we’ll still be using energy to digest them. You don’t need us to remind you how uncomfortable it is to go to sleep with a full stomach, so perhaps leave these treats for lunchtime at the weekend!

Creamy desserts that are high in sugar and fat are difficult to digest, which can interfere with our sleep quality and duration.


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