10 Secrets Celebrities Use to Look Young

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / March 9th, 2022

2. Make time for sleep

Make time for sleep, Naomi Watts

Sleep is essential so that your body can repair itself- and as that includes your skin, getting enough rest is a vital anti-ageing tool. It’s also the top beauty tip that 53 year old actress Naomi Watts employs to stay looking young – and she aims to get 8 hours of shut eye in every single night.

The King Kong star says that reading a book helps her to get in the right frame of mind for a perfect night’s sleep and that she notices whenever she hasn’t had enough because of the way her skin looks the next day. She’s not wrong – not getting the right amount of rest can result in dark undereye circles and a tired looking complexion.


Getting enough sleep is important for every part of your body, especially your complexion. Preparing your rest environment is key if you want an awesome night of zzzs, so try drinking a relaxing camomile tea, invest in a comfortable mattress, and use a silky eye mask to block out the light.


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