10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

9. Read food labels

Read food labels

Squinting at the nutritional labels on food packets might not seem fun but if your goal is to get into shape, it could be a tactic worth trying – as it can help you lose weight! One study found that people who check out food labels have more success losing weight than those that don’t – so next time you swing by the supermarket, it’s a good idea to check out the calories and nutrient profile of the food you’re buying.

Reading and comparing nutrition labels isn’t just great for weight loss, it can help you make better choices too, because as well as the calorie count, you can see how much fat, sugar, salt and carbs you’re consuming. It also helps make you aware of portion size, which is useful as while a handful of crisps might be fine, you might not realise just how many calories you’re consuming when you indulge in the whole bag!


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