10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

3. Cook your own food

Cook your own food

If you’re looking to lose the pounds, don’t reach for ready meals or processed speedy snacks – instead, prepare a home cooked meal. Cooking your own food helps you control the amount of sugar, salt, and calories you consume, letting you cut down on what you need to and maintain a healthy balance.

A study published in the journal Public Health and Nutrition discovered that people who eat more home-cooked fare consume around 200 less calories per meal than people who dial out for takeaway or nuke a ready meal in the microwave. Not every dish you cook at home is automatically healthy just because you prepared it yourself, so you still need to be aware of the nutritional profile of the foods you’re eating.

As a general rule though, when you cook from scratch, you consume less processed food, which has little nutritional value and is high in trans fat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and sodium. Cooking at home also helps make you more aware of portion size, so rather than eating unhealthy take-out sized helpings, you’ll be cutting down as well as limiting the amount of harmful foods you eat.

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