Feel Your Best With Our Top Detox Secrets

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / August 7th, 2022

6. Boost Your Gut Health

Boost Your Gut Health

Studies have shown that probiotics help to safeguard your gut from toxins and balance out the good and bad bacteria in your gut, while prebiotics are a food source for healthy bacteria in the stomach. If your digestive tract is thrown out of balance, your stomach lining can become damaged, causing harmful inflammation causing toxins to seep through into your body.

The bacteria in your gut are crucial to your liver’s detoxification process and eating a lot of refined, highly processed foods can lead to an unhealthy, unbalanced gut. This causes inflammation and symptoms such as sluggishness, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

If you’re gut’s out of whack, supplementing with a good probiotic and prebiotic supplement can help to address the balance, but if you prefer to go a more natural route, you can turn to food instead. Consuming more fermented products like sauerkraut, miso soup, live yoghurt, kefir, kombucha and kimchi will boost your intake of probiotics, while the addition of asparagus, chicory, artichokes, and onions, will increase your prebiotic quota.


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