25 Incredible Foods For Heart Health

By Eloïse Reyns / Nutrition / December 4th, 2020

11. Barley


Barley is a grain that has been farmed by humans for thousands of years and is used in all sorts of products, from beer to bread.

Barley can help you lose weight because of its high fiber content, which makes you feel fuller and less hungry. This is good for your heart, as being overweight can greatly raise your risk of heart disease. The fiber in barley also works to keep your blood sugar levels down, again reducing your risk of developing heart disease down the line.

It’s also been proven to lower cholesterol. A study found that when men ate a diet high in whole-grain barley, they saw an improvement in their cholesterol levels after only five weeks. As well as improving heart health, Barley has a whole host of incredible health benefits. It’s high in protein that helps to build and maintain muscle, is rich in magnesium, and contains vitamin B6.


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