Coconut Oil: 18 Health Benefits and Uses

By Eloïse Reyns / Nutrition / June 23rd, 2020

18. Soothe sore lips

treat sore lips

Sore lips can be painful, especially in cold weather, and this is another of coconut oil’s multiple benefits. It can act as a lip balm and keeps moisture on your lips for hours. Just let it soften a little and apply to the affected area. It can also protect your lips from the sun.

As you can see, it’s always worthwhile having coconut oil handy, as you never know when you might want to use it. It’s easy to add it to your diet in some way every day, without even really noticing it, but you’ll soon get the benefits from it.

The fantastic thing about coconut oil is that it has so many uses. It can save you from buying multiple products, like moisturisers, lip balm, and eye make-up remover. If you choose organic virgin coconut oil, it is totally natural, so you won’t be dealing with any harsh chemicals either, which is often the case with other products. You never really know what damage these products are doing to your body, so it’s always a good idea to go down the natural route whenever possible.

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