Coconut Oil: 18 Health Benefits and Uses

By Eloïse Reyns / Nutrition / June 23rd, 2020

6. Helps prevent urinary infections

Helps prevent urinary infections

The best way to prevent urinary infections is to drink more water but adding some coconut oil to your diet can also help. If you already have an infection, the coconut oil may help to treat the UTI in addition to your antibiotic and, most importantly, it’s all-natural. The way coconut oil works is to get to the harmful bacteria and dissolve them, which can help to clear up an infection.

You can consume the coconut oil in any of the ways mentioned previously, or, if you’d prefer, just eat it straight from the jar. Some people find it difficult to take it this way, while others manage to do it without a problem. No matter which way you consume it, it will offer the same benefits and hopefully, over time, clear up any infections you may have.


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