10 Vegan Infused With Tea Recipes You Must Try

By Eloïse Reyns / Nutrition / April 17th, 2020

Iced Blueberry and Blackberries Latte infused With Chamomile

1 cup blackberries and blueberries (makes about 4 tbsp juice)⁣
1/3 cup chamomile tisane ⁣
1-2 tbsp agave or other sweetener ⁣
Beetroot powder ⁣

1. Start with brewing your tea. Let it cool. ⁣
2. Cook berries on stove or heat up in microwave. (It’s easier to get the juice out of them that way – also I used frozen berries)⁣
3. Combine tisane, berry juice and agave to a glass with ice. ⁣
⁣4. Froth the almond milk (I used a bamboo whisk) ⁣
And then pour over the juice+tea mixture. ⁣Sprinkle with beetroot powder! ⁣

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