5 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Immediately

By Eloïse Reyns / Lifestyle / April 28th, 2020

Yoga will improve your posture

Yoga Will Improve Your Posture

Bad posture habits can cause chronic back and neck pain. They can also result in health issues like arthritis, fatigue, bad blood circulation, headaches, and even compromise your ability to breathe properly.

These days, we strain our neck and back muscles a lot without even realising it, mainly due to our lifestyle. Indeed, we’re not meant to sit at a desk all day, which leads to the bad habit of rounding our back. Also, when we tilt our head down to look at our phone, it increases the pressure we put on our cervical spine, which has been shown to increase upper back and neck pain. We spend so much time looking down at our phones that we really need yoga to help to correct our posture.

Doing yoga is a very good way to help us adjust our posture since a lot of poses require a straight back. Many poses also help strengthen and stretch the shoulders, chest, back, and abdominals which are the main areas affected by sitting all day. Practising these poses regularly should help with the pain that comes with a bad posture from sitting for too long. Our favourite poses are the bridge which is great for opening the shoulders and relaxing the back muscles, and downwards facing dog which, opens the hamstrings, back, chest, and shoulders.

The bottom line

The best part of yoga is that you get to listen to your body and work with the intensity that feels good on the day you practice. Remember to be kind to yourself during the session; your body will change as you progress, and on some days, you might struggle with flexibility or balance.

Another benefit of yoga is a feeling of increased empowerment, and you’ll surprise yourself by making healthier life choices. These could be changes to your diet or choosing foods that support your health and yoga practice. You may also slowly become more aware of how things influence you, recognising negative environments and choosing to stay away.


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