10 Tips For Eating Healthily On A Tight Budget!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 15th, 2022

2. Eat fresh as much as possible

Eat fresh as much as possible

Cooking meals using fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, beans and other pulses is often seen as a more expensive way to eat.

But the opposite is often true, especially if you visit the supermarket or local shop towards the end of the day. This is the time when shops often mark down fresh food that’s about to pass it’s use by or sell by date, giving consumers money saving bargains. Processed foods, such as ready meals, packet food (such as instant noodles and rice) and takeaways can be considerably more expensive, calorie for calorie.

For example, a readymade spaghetti bolognaise might be convenient, but buying dried spaghetti, mince (either meat or veggie), tinned tomatoes, dried herbs and some fresh onions, carrots and any other veg you like in your sauce will work out cheaper. Homemade also contains less salt and fat and definitely fewer preservatives too, which is better for your health.


Cooking from scratch using fresh and recognisable ingredients is both a cheaper, and healthier way to cook for you and your family.


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