10 Tips For Eating Healthily On A Tight Budget!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 15th, 2022

4. Cook as much as possible

Cook as much as possible

Cooking meals at home, using fresh and dried produce, wholegrains and lean protein sources is noticeably cheaper than buying takeaways and grabbing lunch from the local coffee shop on your way to work. Convenience most definitely comes at a price and the cost of shop bought sandwiches and takeaway coffees can really mount up.

It’s also healthier to cook from scratch, as you’ll know exactly what’s in your food. Plus, it will naturally contain fewer preservatives and unhealthy ingredients including salt, sugar and saturated fat.

So stock up on fresh and frozen fruit and veg, lean cuts of meat (avoid processed meats such as ham and sausages), dried wholegrain pasta and rice, wholemeal bread, tinned beans, pulses, chickpeas and chopped tomatoes and dried herbs and spices so that you always have the basic ingredients to hand.


Keep takeaways to a minimum, perhaps once a week or fortnight, and take your own lunch to work most days. For the most part, cook your meals at home using fresh, dried and tinned ingredients. This will help you eat more healthily and save money at the same time.


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