10 Secrets Celebrities Use to Look Young

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / March 9th, 2022

9. Exfoliate and do a facial mask every week

Exfoliate, Christie Brinkley

Exfoliation is the secret to glowing, smooth skin and no one knows this better than the eternally young Christie Brinkley. The 68-year-old supermodel is such a fan of exfoliation, she’s created her own, after reading that men are estimated to look five years younger than women because of their skin-exfoliating shaving routines.

“I didn’t want to let them get away with that one”, the catwalk star stated, going on to say that she always starts her day by exfoliating her complexion and has done so for the past 40 years… The star is also a big fan of hydrating facial masks and makes time to apply an at-home treatment with her daughters whenever she can spend some quality girl’s time with them.

Following Christie’s lead and exfoliating your skin before applying a layer of moisture will allow any hydrating facial treatment to penetrate much better, as the dead cells that sit on and block the skin’s surface are removed to reveal new cells beneath.


As we age, our skin’s natural ability to shed these cells slows, which can result in a duller looking complexion. Giving your skin a bit of help with a gentle exfoliator is a must – but start slow, a couple of times every week, and build up to reach a level that’s comfortable for your skin.

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