10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

6. Eat mindfully

Eat mindfully

Losing weight isn’t just about the amount you eat, or how healthy the food is that you’re consuming, though these are undoubtedly crucial factors – it’s about being mindful too. Focusing on your food means you’ll be aware of every mouthful, so you’re not only likely to eat less, and feel fuller faster, you’ll appreciate your meal more too.

A review of 20 different studies shows there’s a link between mindful eating and successful weight loss, as people are more likely to notice when they feel full, if they pay attention to their plate. The next time you eat, try giving all your attention to the food in front of you, and as you take each bite, allow yourself to enjoy all the sensations, instead of being distracted by the TV or the web.


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