10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

7. Eat proteins every day

Eat proteins every day

In recent years, there have been several studies that have found a link between protein and weight loss, and with the popularity of diets like Keto, it’s now common knowledge that it helps you lose weight. While eating more protein than the recommended dietary allowance can speed up weight loss though, it can also come with serious downsides, including constipation, excessive gas, and intestinal irritation.

When you take in more protein and fats than carbs, your body goes into ketosis – which is great if you’re aiming for this because you’re on Keto or a similar diet, but not so great when you get cramps, bad breath, or digestive issues. Full Keto isn’t for most people but consuming protein in normal amounts daily is advisable for everyone looking to burn weight at an optimal rate – especially as research has proven that a high protein diet encourages maximum fat loss.


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