10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

8. Choose clear alcohol

Choose clear alcohol to reduce calories

It’s generally recommended to avoid alcohol if your goal is shedding the pounds but if you must indulge, there are definitely drinks that you should swerve altogether. Research has found that beer has one of the worst effects on metabolic rate, as it has a high carb content, but wine isn’t so great either, with one tiny 5-ounce small glass typically containing 110 calories!

If you want to drink something alcoholic, it’s better to stick to clear drinks, like straight vodka, champagne, or gin – but be careful to only have a little, as alcohol hinders the metabolism of fats. When you drink alcohol, the body will burn this fuel first, before it metabolises other calories, so although it won’t stop weight loss altogether, it will slow it down, particularly if you drink a lot.


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