10 Foods That Parents Should Never Feed Their Kids!

5. Cow’s Milk

cow milk

As is generally accepted, breast milk is best for babies, as it contains the perfect balance of nutrients to nourish a growing human being. The WHO advise breast milk if possible until your baby is two years old. If isn’t possible to breastfeed, or you choose not to, infant formula is the next best thing.

The United Kingdom National Health Service advises that cow’s milk shouldn’t be given to a baby until they’re one year old. This is for two reasons – cow’s milk doesn’t contain enough iron to meet the needs of a young baby and because cow’s milk contains a sugar called lactose. Lactose can be irritating on a baby’s stomach, causing pain and discomfort.


Babies under one year old should not be given cow’s milk as it doesn’t contain the right level of iron for their growing bodies and the sugar component, called lactose, can irritate their delicate stomachs.


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