10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kickstart Your Day!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / March 28th, 2022

6. Hummus and Oat Cakes

Hummus and Oat Cakes

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dish, made using chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. It’s packed with plant-based protein and is therefore perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Plus, it’s a rich source of fibre, B vitamins and minerals including manganese, copper and magnesium. It might not be an immediate choice for breakfast, but it’s actually ideal if you’re in a hurry or you’re eating breakfast al desko.

Hummus goes really well with oat cakes, that are also a great source of fibre. Fibre helps to maintain a regular bowel helping us avoid uncomfortable constipation and it helps to feed the good bacteria in our guts, collectively known as probiotics, or the gut microbiota, in turn helping to keep the gut healthy.

So eating hummus and oatcakes for breakfast is a great way to start the day on the right foot! Hummus is widely available in supermarkets and health food shops, but it’s also easy to make your own and adjust it to exactly how you like it.


• 400g tinned chickpeas, drained
• 4tbsp tahini
• 100ml olive oil
• 3 garlic cloves
• Juice and zest of 1 lemon


• Tip all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until you achieve the consistency you prefer
• Season with salt and pepper to taste
• Add water 10ml at a time if too thick, or reduce the olive oil if too runny – practice makes perfect here!


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