10 Great Reasons To Walk Everyday

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / August 8th, 2020

Extend Your Life With This Amazing, Free Exercise!

Extend your life with this amazing, FREE exercise!

We hope you can now see that walking, such a simple and fuss free way of exercising, is an amazing way of keeping fit and healthy and even extending our lives as we reduce our risk of heart disease, burn calories, improve our mental health, manage our risk of developing type 2 diabetes and much, much more.

So how do we do it? The best way is to, well, just get up and do it. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes (preferably trainers or walking boots) that support the feet and cushion the joints and always wear socks that will absorb sweat and prevent blisters.

Make sure you wear weather appropriate clothing, too. Layers are a good idea, that you can remove and tie around your waist if you get warm. Wear a waterproof layer if it’s wet, and use sunscreen or wear a hat if the weather is warm, and carry a water bottle regardless of the weather. If you can’t find time to dedicate to walking, try walking to work or getting off the bus or train a few stops earlier. Walk the kids to school if you have time or spend lunch time walking around the block or your local park. Some areas have local walking groups too. However you do it, do it, and most importantly, enjoy it!

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