20 Surprising Foods That Will Make You Feel Hungrier!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / December 14th, 2021

7. Biscuits, Cakes and Sweets

Biscuits cakes and sweets

As absolutely tasty and moreish as biscuits, cakes and sweets are, we all know they’re not that good for us. This is because they contain pretty much nothing in the way of beneficial nutrients, just sugar, in various forms (both as the familiar granulated stuff and in the form of the white flour often used to make baked goods, which when digested is quickly turned into sugar). Sucrose, or normal granulated sugar is highly calorific, but contains zero nutrients. It also happens to be highly addictive. So it’s little wonder we crave these kinds of sweet treats that are probably the worst foods for our health.

But not only that. Eating sweets and baked goods will only serve to make us feel hungry again soon afterwards. High in the sweet stuff and processed white flour, they contain no filling protein or fibre, the two key nutrients that stave off hunger.

So we might feel full after a breakfast muffin or a mid-afternoon tea and biscuits session, but it won’t last long. Once all that sugar has spiked in the bloodstream and then dipped again, we’ll be feeling hungry quicker than we can say, “pass the biscuit tin”.


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