5 Reasons To Ditch Your Harmful Deodorant

By Hannah de Gruchy / Beauty / June 26th, 2020

2. Sweating Is Actually Beneficial

Sweating Is Actually Beneficial

It might sound like a good thing that antiperspirants stop us from sweating. But actually, the human body needs to sweat. Remember the old saying, “men sweat, women glow”? Aside from being outdated nonsense, we all sweat and we all need to. Sweating is our natural air conditioning system – it helps us regulate our temperature by helping to cool us down. Perspiration forms on our skin in order for it to be evaporated into the air, taking residual heat with it.

Sweating also helps us to release toxins such as the heavy metals including arsenic, lead and mercury that can enter the body via our food, smoking and breathing in pollution and environmental pollutants. Without sweating, over time, these toxins could build up in our bodies, potentially causing damage to our organs including the heart and brain.


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