5 Reasons To Ditch Your Harmful Deodorant

By Hannah de Gruchy / Beauty / June 26th, 2020

Our favourite natural deodorant

Our favourite natural deodorant

We’ve tried and tested many natural deodorants and by far our favourite is Wild. Admittedly, not all natural deo brands get it right, but Wild have got things spot on.

Wild natural deodorants are free from aluminium, and instead rely on tapioca starch to keep the armpits dry. Tapioca starch is a powdery substance that absorbs moisture without blocking the sweat glands. They’ve also added baking soda which is naturally antibacterial, so it prevents odours forming that are caused by pesky skin bacteria that thrive in the warm conditions that our armpits provide.

What’s more, they’re available in a range of scents including Mint Fresh, Bergamot Rituals (our fave) and Orange Zest. 100% plastic free, Wild consider the environment as well as our own health and offer a subscribe and save option, so you’ll never run out again.

Sustainable, effective, with compostable refills and delivered to your door? Who needs to deodorant shop again? So next time you’re looking for a new deo, indulge your wild side and head on over to Wild. Your armpits, and Mother Nature, will thank you for it.

Wild offers a 15% discount to our readers. To get it CLICK HERE and use code HEALTHNATURAL15 at checkout.


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