Are Plant-Based Milks Healthier Than Dairy Milk?

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / January 30th, 2023

Switching to plant-based milks

Switching to plant-based milks

So that’s it – we told you it can be mind-boggling! The truth is, there is no single, perfect dairy-free milk that ticks all the health, environmental and taste boxes. It all also very much depends on your intended use, health goals and personal preferences.

Here at Health Natural, we use a range of different plant-based milks for different purposes and we find that works best.

We might use a splash of barista-style oat milk made from British oats in our coffee and not concern ourselves too much with the oils as we’re not using too much. Then when it comes to our protein smoothies, we might mix it up between an oil-free soya or almond milk and an organic pea milk that contains oil, but switch out half for water and an extra scoop of hemp protein powder.

The take home message is that it’s important to make informed decisions and do what you believe to be right in terms of your health and your eco-conscious and animal welfare values and beliefs. We can’t all do it all, all of the time, and there will be some trade-offs that need to be made.

Making the decision to switch to a dairy-free milk is great for many reasons, but drinking cow’s milk also has important nutritional benefits. Be kind to yourself whilst deciding, aim for some balance, and enjoy experimenting!

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