Bananas: 10 Health Benefits You Might Not Know About!

Bananas provide energy

Bananas provide energy

It’s quite normal to see a professional athlete or someone embarking on an endurance sport, snacking on a banana. But why is this? It’s all down to the perfect blend of fibre and fruit sugar in bananas.

Bananas have a low water content compared to other fruits such as grapes and berries. This means that there’s more room for fibre, which in combination with their natural sugars, in the form of sucrose, fructose and glucose, is ideal for providing energy.

These natural sugars give us an instant energy boost, whilst being relatively low in calories. The high fibre content of bananas also helps to slow down the digestion of these sugars, helping to sustain us for longer periods of time.


Bananas are the ideal snack for providing energy due to their natural sugars combined with their high fibre content which helps to slow down the digestion of the sugars. When combined with a high protein food such as peanut butter, they make a perfect pre or post workout snack!


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