20 Foods That Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / March 1st, 2019

18. Raspberries

raspberries, cancer fighting foods

Like strawberries, raspberries are a rich source of ellagic acid and ellagitannins that can help to protect against certain types of cancer. They’re also a rich source of vitamin C, which itself has antioxidant properties that can defend against cellular and DNA damage from free radicals that can, in turn, lead to cancer if left to become chronic.

The ellagitannins present in raspberries are also thought to be able to kill cancer cells by programming for ‘apoptosis’ or cell death. This could mean these compounds, that we might not even think about as we’re enjoying our summer raspberries, could be working to form signals to rapidly dividing cells that could potentially become cancerous to stop growing and die.

Enjoy raspberries as a snack or with your breakfast cereal drizzled in honey and yoghurt. Or they’re great in overnight oats soaked in the dairy or non-dairy milk of your choice, with chia seeds for bulk and fibre. Pop it all in a jar in the evening, screw on a lid, put it in the fridge and hey presto, nutritious breakfast with no prep or fuss in the morning that can even be eaten on the go!


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