20 Foods That Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / March 1st, 2019

6. Grapes

grapes, cancer fighting foods

Both grapes and grape juice are rich sources of resveratrol; a phytochemical well studied for anti-cancer effects that can be found in large quantities in grapes’ skin. Resveratrol is found in red, purple and green grapes; the amount depends much more on the growing conditions than on a grape’s colour or type.

Some researchers pointed out resveratrol’s ability to slow the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the formation of tumours in lymph, liver, stomach and breast cells. Resveratrol has also triggered the death of leukemic and colon cancer tumours.

Red wine also contains resveratrol; however, alcohol is associated with increasing the risk of many types of cancer, so don’t take this as an excuse to drink more! Also, grapes contain more pesticides than any other fruits, so try and buy organic ones if you can.


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