10 Tips For Eating Healthily On A Tight Budget!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 15th, 2022

1. Buy seasonal products

Buy seasonal products

There’s a reason why we choose salads in the summer and crave hearty root vegetables in the winter – and it’s not all because of the temperature outside. Well actually, in a way it is, because most fresh produce will naturally grow seasonally. Warm summery days full of natural daylight are ideal for growing tomatoes and salad leaves, whereas cold, dark days provide the perfect conditions for root vegetables such as turnips and parsnips.

Choosing seasonal products often means the food has been grown here in the UK, making it cheaper because the growers and supermarkets haven’t had to pay for shipping and packaging costs to get it here from elsewhere in the world.

As a bonus, this is also good for the environment, since the produce has fewer ‘food miles’ and therefore a lower carbon footprint. Many fruits and vegetables also lend themselves well to freezing, so you can still eat out of season by buying in season, cooking batches of food and then freezing them.


Adding more locally produced, seasonal foods into your diet helps to save money and costs to the environment.


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