Our Healthier Christmas Meal Picks!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / December 1st, 2022

12. Skinny Eggnog

skinny eggnog

Eggnog is another firm Christmas favourite, but it’s reminiscent of the ghosts of Christmas past, so if you’re unsure what this strange sounding drink is, let us explain…

As its name suggests, eggnog is made with eggs and it also contains dairy milk, cream and sugar, along with a glug of alcohol that can be whiskey, brandy or rum and a sprinkling of spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Looks-wise, it resembles custard and taste-wise, it’s the same – sweet, creamy and custard-like, with a kick from the alcohol and spice. The alcohol part is actually optional, so it can suit the whole family if you leave it out.

Many eggnog recipes make use of raw eggs, which these days is frowned upon by most of us since the salmonella scares of the 1990s. But it’s possible to make eggnog by warming up an egg and milk/cream mixture and allowing it to cool. This recipe for Skinny Eggnog does just that, and uses vanilla pods, which adds a luxurious vibe to this old classic.


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