20 Foods That Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / March 1st, 2019

16. Winter Squash

winter squash, cancer fighting foods

When we think of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, it’s easy to think of summery berries, salads, courgettes, and asparagus. But the grounds are just as plentiful in the winter, with a cacophony of nutritious winter squashes available to keep us full, warm, nourished and topped up with cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Butternut squash, pumpkins (not just good for cutting into spooky shapes on Hallowe’en), and other gourds, as they’re known, are all rich in antioxidant carotenoids and, much like carrots, have the potential to help us lower our risk of developing cancer. Carotenoids, in particular, help to promote the communication between cells that helps prevent the uncontrollable rate of cell division and growth that can lead to cancerous tumours. They can also stimulate abnormal cells to self-destruct.

Also, the body turns beta-carotene, the type of carotenoid present in winter squashes, into vitamin A, which has its own antioxidant capabilities. Don’t be scared to cook with winter squashes. The internet is awash with recipes, and they can be turned into the most delicious soups, stews, and curries!


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