The Top Reasons to Eat Blueberries Every Day!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / October 10th, 2022

How to Consume Blueberries


Blueberries are deliciously sweet, but low in calories, so they’re a perfect food if you’re craving something sugary but healthy. Versatile and tasty, use them in blueberry smoothies, blueberry muffins or sprinkled over pancakes.

Their small size makes them super convenient – pop a handful into a tub along with some walnuts, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds and you have the perfect afternoon snack for on-the-go or at your desk.

They can also be purchased frozen (or frozen at home if you’ve bought too many to eat fresh). Frozen blueberries are great in a pre- or post-gym smoothie.

Use your favourite protein powder (whey protein is popular, or try hemp or pea protein powders if you avoid dairy), add a chopped banana, a heaped teaspoon of nut butter and a handful of blueberries. Add 200ml of your chosen dairy or non-dairy milk, whizz and away you go! This is also a great breakfast idea if you’re short on time.

Blueberry powders are also available – these are concentrated freeze-dried blueberry products, packed full of nutrients that can be added to a smoothie. Just check that your shop-bought frozen or powdered blueberries don’t contain added sugars.

If you love muffins, add a vitamin and antioxidant boost by throwing in a handful of fresh (not frozen – they’ll go soggy) blueberries to the mix before baking. Blueberry muffins are a fave here at Health Natural!

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